An ad campaign for a fake sunscreen product

An ad campaign for a fake sunscreen product
It triples the power of the sun on your skin!

A website advertising a miracle sunscreen product called Sunny-3 offered to send free samples to those who left their information. But it was all a fraud. In this case, however, the fraud wasn’t trying to steal your money.

The website selling Sunny-3 was created for UK charity Skcin by the advertising firm McCann Worldwide to raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer. Anyone ordering the product got an email explaining the hoax, along with skin cancer information.

The hoax also included fake Twitter accounts, news stories, videos and reviews of the product on beauty blogs.

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– Skin cancer charity tricks 14,000 sun-worshippers into ‘buying’ tanning cream that ‘triples the power of the sun’ Mail Online>>

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