$800,000 hack found via $5 meal at McDonalds

$800,000 hack found via $5 meal at McDonalds
Was it a Big Mack Hack Attack?

Jason Cornish, an information-technology administrator, was angry at the place he used to work.

He remotely deleted parts of the computer network at Shionogi, a Japanese pharmaceutical subsidiary.

Authorities said he caused $800,000 in damage by destroying the ability of the company to ship products, write checks, communicate with Blackberries or use their email system, effectively shutting down the company for days.

Mr. Cornish did not cover his tracks very well. He openly used his old work credentials to access the network.

He also illegally accessed the network from a Wi-Fi network in a McDonald’s restaurant. But his downfall may have been using  his Visa credit card to make a $5 purchase at that McDonalds five minutes before he launched the attacks.

The FBI traced his attack to the McDonalds, and discovered his Visa purchase.

Mr. Cornish has pleaded guilty under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

(Oh, and did I mention he repeatedly used his own home IP address to
access the network? So actually, he did more dumb things that implicated
him than just using a McDonald’s Wi-Fi and ordering food with his
credit card, but then I wouldn’t be able to have such a funny headline.)

IT Administrator’s Hacking Spree Foiled by $5 McDonald’s Purchase, Threat Level, Wired>>

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