What do women fake less than men?

What do women fake less than men?
These young women may or may not 

fake them when they play, but they deceive 
50% less than men who play the same game.

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center published results of their study in the journal Research in Sports Medicine. It seems that female soccer players fake injuries 50% less than male soccer players. Daryl Rosenbaum led the study:

Rosenbaum said "questionable" injuries are more likely to be associated with contact and referee sanctions than "definite" injuries, which may indicate that players may use these situations to try to deceive referees. There was no evidence that teams that did this frequently won more often, nor was there any evidence that players used injury simulation as a way to try and rest or kill time…

"In the end, I think this study shows that women are less likely than men to fake soccer injuries," Rosenbaum said. "What isn’t clear is if injury simulation is used to gain a tactical advantage. Only the players themselves know the answer to that question."

The photo above is the German woman’s football team posing for the German edition of Playboy. You can tell they are soccer players because of the soccer shoes slung over their naked shoulders.

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  2. Hey where are old pics of East German "womens" shotput teams?

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