Real men use welding to make their fakes

Real men use welding to make their fakesDon’t Photoshop – weld!
Scot Lubricants, an oil company in Pennsylvania, was told to upgrade its oil storage and blending tanks because they lacked the correct vents. The company signed papers saying the problem was taken care of, and included photographs of the modifications.

A few years later, a former employee said authorities should take a closer look at those vents.

The vents were discovered to be fake – they were actually steel dummies welded together by employees, then crammed between the top of the storage tank and the ceiling to hold them in place, and photographed so they looked real.

An employee said the fake vents were a running joke at the company for years.

The president and founder of the company, Timothy Fritz, who allegedly had workers construct the fakes, was not available for comment.

AG charges company built ‘dummy’ vents to trick DEP, The Morning Call, Pennsylvania>>

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