Of course it’s from Teen Vogue magazine

Of course it's from Teen Vogue magazine
Don’t you know you can trust me?

A 17-year old girl in Florida got an email saying she was chosen for a photo shoot with Teen Vogue magazine. They asked her for personal information that seemed relevant to a modeling gig, and said they were going to send her a check in the mail. A check for $2900 arrived from an insurance company in Utah. Teen Vogue told her to keep $500 and wire the balance to a supervisor in Ohio.

Except there was no modeling gig.

This was another version of what’s called the counterfeit check scam. If the teen had deposited the check in a bank account, and then wired "Teen Vogue" $2400, she would soon discover that the check she received was a fake, and she had sent real money to scammers.

Luckily, the teen’s mom was suspicious and contacted police, who recognized the scam.

The con game has a recognizable story – a victim receives a check and then is asked to wire some money back. There were other hints, such as strange misspellings and capitalization in the email, and the check being sent from one location and the "magazine" wanting the money to be wired someplace else.

Of course, Teen Vogue magazine had nothing to do with the scam, except as bait.

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