The illusion of distorted faces

The illusion of distorted faces
This is a face manipulated to look grotesque, 
but in the video below, your brain tricks you into 

seeing the grotesque in normal faces.

Researchers have discovered that when eye-aligned photographs of faces are presented in a fast sequence, the faces can appear deformed. The distortion is magnified when viewing the faces in your peripheral vision.

Take a look at the video. Focus on the cross in the center to see the distorted faces. All of the faces are normal and have not been altered, but when viewed this way, they seem grotesque. If you look directly at the faces, the distortion disappears.

Shocking illusion – pretty girls turn ugly!

Found at Metafilter – Eww. Girls>>

Flashed face distortion effect: Grotesque faces from relative spaces, PerceptionWeb>>

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