His art caused a raid by the Secret Service

His art caused a raid by the Secret Service
Is it deceptive to photograph and 
post her image without permission?

Kyle McDonald is an artist who was thinking about how we stare at computers, and about how our computers see us, so he created an art project.

He installed spyware on computers in two Apple store in New York City which secretly sent him images of people looking at the computers. Then he posted the images on his Tumblr blog, and, using another piece of software, showed users their own image as they were using the computers.

One of the images Mr. McDonald was sent was of a technician at Apple’s California headquarters, who was trying to track him down.

Apple was obviously successful, because the Secret Service, who investigate computer crime, arrived at his door and confiscated his computer equipment. They’re investigating him for possible fraud or national defense crimes.

Mr. McDonald assumed he had permission because the Apple stores were public spaces, and a store guard said it was okay.

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