Golf club for a rainy day

Golf club for a rainy daySadly, this is a non-functioning golf club.
Off the Course is a piece created by Sebastian Errazuriz, a New York based artist and designer. It was inspired by golf outings in Scotland, where he and his friends needed both clubs and umbrellas.

Golf club for a rainy dayThe only acceptable use of this golf club is as a bumbershoot.
If a golf club is too staid for you, here’s his dress made of zippers. There’s nothing deceptive here, I think.

Golf club for a rainy dayZipper Dress 2005(Duchamp series)
120 zippers

– Off the Course>>
– SebastianE>>
– Where does the word bumbershoot come from? Isn’t it English? You’d be deceived. Bumbershoot, World Wide Words>>

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One thought on “Golf club for a rainy day

  1. I like the idea of the golf club turned to an umbrella on rainy days. I guess it could be used on sunny days too when walking from one hole to another. You just have to make sure that the umbrella won’t open when you hit the ball.

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