Do not do this if you owe someone money

Do not do this if you owe someone money
This hoax drew a heavily armed response.

Tony Murray owed money to Cassius Clay Davis, so they both walked into Mr. Murray’s bank to get some money. But Mr. Murray didn’t have enough money in the bank to pay Mr. Davis, so he decided on what in retrospect may not have been the wisest idea. He told the bank teller that he was being held against his will by Mr. Davis.

The teller triggered an alarm.

Expecting a bank robbery, the police arrived ready for conflict. They closed off several streets, and the bomb squad deployed their robot to inspect a suspicious bag the men were carrying. It did not contain explosives.

Mr. Murray was charged with filing a false report. The man he owed money to, Mr. Davis, had an outstanding warrant for cocaine distribution.

Bank ‘incident’ in downtown Charleston all a hoax, WCBD TV>>

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