Deceiving boys to become killers

Deceiving boys to become killers
 "14-year-old Umar Fidai, a wounded suicide bomber 
whose explosive vest partially detonated."

In a story about another child, 16-year old Arshad Khan talks about how he was brainwashed:

"I would start interacting with him almost every day at the madrasa," says Khan. "He would tell me about the jihad, and hand over booklets glorifying mujahideen’s victories against infidels. Slowly and gradually, I got sucked into it and started believing that the biggest aim in life is jihad. Now I realize that it was wrong."

He says he remembers the militant commander telling the madrasa boys that "everybody lives for worldly life, but those who choose to live for the hereafter are the most sacred." It was exciting and radical and seemed to make sense at the time.

Pakistani teen tells of his recruitment, training as suicide bomber, The Christian Science Monitor>>
– Photo is from Scenes From Pakistan, The Atlantic>>

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