Are fake testicles obscene?

Are fake testicles obscene?
The city said artificial balls 
are not allowed.

Virginia Tice, age 65, was at a convenience store in Bonneau, South Carolina, when she was ticketed for obscenity.

Her crime? Driving with a pair of fake plastic novelty testicles dangling from her truck.

South Carolina law says that such decorations, if they depict "sexual acts, excretory functions, or parts of the human body" can be considered indecent if they offend community standards.

Someone has suggested that if the imitation testicles she displayed were not supposed to depict human testicles but instead depict bull testicles, Ms. Tice might have a good defense.

Are fake testicles obscene?
Are bull testicles her best defense?

Besides the more realistic flesh-tone testicles, you can buy fake testicles in various sizes and colors, such as camouflage patterns, chrome plated, with internal LED lighting, or printed with the Confederate flag.

– South Carolina woman faces trial for fake testicles, Reuters>>
– (WARNING – video starts automatically) Your Nutz>>

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