Who cheats more – men or women?

Who cheats more - men or women?Not taller – more powerful

It seems "obvious" that more men cheat on their partners than women. (And it’s true, they do.) But one study has shown that if a woman is in a position of power, she’s more confident, and if she’s more confident, she’s more likely to cheat, so a woman in a powerful position is just as likely to cheat as a man.

So why do more men cheat? Researchers say it’s because men are in more positions of power. They say that as women gain power, the incidence of cheating will rise among women.

– Powerful Women as Likely to Cheat as Men, Study Finds – People stray because of confidence, not gender, researchers say, BusinessWeek>>
– When It Comes To Infidelity, Does Power Trump Gender? Association for Psychological Science>>

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