Was he a potential Facebook killer?

Was he a potential Facebook killer?An outrageous murder story, with a twist(Photo is a distorted "Jessica Studebaker")

Here’s a story from The New York Post:

She’s no ‘friend’ of hubby
Facebook wife trips up ‘slay plot’ spouse

Angela Voelkert wanted a little dirt on her husband as she prepared for a messy divorce, so she posed online as a teen tart to trick him into dishing some damaging details.

And what she learned was astounding: he was plotting to kill her and run off with their kids, law-enforcement authorities believe.

Voelkert, 29, created a fake profile of a teen named Jessica Studebaker last month, complete with a picture of an anonymous teenybopper, and became Facebook friends with her gullible hubby, David, 38.

David soon allegedly confessed to his new friend that he had secretly placed a GPS tracking device in Angela’s van and was using it to locate her when he was allegedly ready to have her whacked.

He even allegedly asked the "girl" to find a "gang-banger" at her school who’d be willing to do the job for $10,000.

David Voelkert also said after the murder, he wanted to run off with Jessica.

Police were contacted, and Mr. Voelkert was arrested. However, he was released from jail after four days. Why?

It may have been because he actually knew his wife had created the fake profile of Jessica Studebaker. He was playing along with her to trick her into "dishing some damaging details." He proved this to authorities with a notarized affidavit where he said he was lying to the fake Jessica. There was also no GPS device on her van.

The lesson? Be careful who you think you’re fooling.

And think about what’s important. The Voelkerts are fighting over custody of their four kids.

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