The sappy yearbook ad prank

The sappy yearbook ad prankSome parts of his ad were very nice
At Aliso Niguel High School, parents can place ads in their soon-to-be graduating kid’s senior yearbook. One dad, George Somogyi, and his daughter, Rianna, a senior, used to make fun of all the sappy tribute ads placed in the yearbook by parents.

I can imagine his daughter, 17, saying: "Dad, don’t ever even think about an ad like that for me!"

Her dad did not place an ad like that.

Instead, he paid $500 for an ad that said:

Rianna – You are a complete waste of valuable space. You have the intellectual capacity of a lemon meringue pie. Your mere existence can be used to disprove Darwin’s "survival-of-the-fittest." Your teachers all agree you are as bright as a 3 watt bulb. Your friends have voted you "most likely to accidently staple your eyelids closed." Wheras most parents quote the Bible, I will leave you to go forth in life with this ancient Yiddish saying, "Chandkah led hezmokah a frotz tov amin dada" which loosely translates to "Camel patties attract flies, hummus attracts pita chips." You are the former.

The sappy yearbook ad prankThe entire ad, with humor(Click to enlarge)
His daughter laughed at the ad. Some people, however, were upset. They emailed their concern to the principal. What kind of dad was he to do that?  If it was meant to be joke, maybe he should have included a disclaimer – some sort of "just kidding" or smiley face indicating it was just a gag. Why didn’t he do that? Responded the dad:

"Because a handful of people are going to think this is real, and I thought that would be very funny. I had no idea it was going to be like this. But more important than any of this is that my daughter thinks it is funny. It wasn’t meant for anyone else.  And if you are angry and bent out of shape about this ad, you walked right into being the butt of our joke. To those people I say, ‘Thank youyou proved our point.’ "

He did concede, however, that some of the photos might have been a bit embarrassing.

Mr. Somogyi also said that the "ancient Yiddish saying" is "just some nonsense" he typed. But did you note the sneaky inclusion of the word "dada" at the end of his Yiddish? Could this be a possible reference to Dada, the early 20th Century art and literary movement that thumbed its nose at convention and celebrated nonsense?

Dad Says His Controversial Yearbook Prank Was Done out of Love, An Aliso Niguel High School yearbook advertisement was supposed to be a father’s personal joke to his daughter, but it has some shaking their heads, Laguna Niguel Patch, Viejo, CA

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