Realistic dinosaur freaks out kids at school

Realistic dinosaur freaks out kids at schoolA human/animatronic dinosaur meets the children at an elementary school in Sidney, Australia.
I don’t remember school assemblies being this much fun. Note that the dinosaur illusion works despite the pair of human legs sticking out from underneath. Kids know it’s fake, but they can’t help themselves and react. The dinosaur was created by The Creature Technology Company, a division of Global Creatures.

The dinosaur at school

Here are two of the company’s fully animatronic creatures in a diorama at Australia’s Museum Victoria. The creatures are more realistic, but it’s less fun without the screaming kids.

Melbourne Museum animatronics diorama

The company created a live version of a 1999 BBC TV production called Walking with Dinosaurs. This show, Walking with Dinosaurs – the Arena Spectacular, opened in 2007 and featured full-scale naturalistic dinosaurs.

Behind the scenes / promo video

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