The quick change artists David and Dania

The quick change artists David and Dania
A visible transformation, hidden by a shower of confetti

David and Dania are quick change artists who performed on the first season of the TV show America’s Got Talent. They have been regular performers at NBA halftime shows.

In the video – if you want to count – Dania does seven costumes changes and a hair style/color change in less than two minutes. And David’s tux changes color.

I know very little about the methods for performing a quick change act. The best compliment I can give David and Dania is that I do not want to know they did it.

I do know they’re varying the methods (both what you see and what they’re secretly doing) of each change, so you don’t know exactly when (or how) the change will occur.

The secrets of the art of quick change are more closely guarded than other variety arts. Many have been passed down from Russian circus acts. It’s a challenging art, since performers must have many types of skills: dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, pantomime, magic and costuming.

 David and Dania, Quick Change Artists

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