A private prank prompts panic

A private prank prompts panic
This was not what he left,
but it had the same effect.

During a meeting of the Legislative Council’s committee meeting in Hamden, Connecticut, a man wearing a turban and a long robe walked in, set down a covered two-foot tall object and whipped off the cloth.

It was a statue of a chef.

Nobody knew what it meant. Could it be a bomb? The room quickly cleared in a panic.

The police chief, who was in the audience, dashed out to look for the man.

It had all been a misunderstanding.

The man was leaving the chef statue as a joke for a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, but he was at the wrong meeting. That meeting had been cancelled and replaced by the council meeting.

No charges have been filed.

The significance of the small chef has not been reported.

A private prank prompts panic
This was the actual chef statue used, 
with a spoon and no dynamite.

Prank Prompts Panic at Council Meeting, Hamden Patch>>

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  1. The pizza panic cleared a building? Did the bring in a bomb squad, a SWAT team? Who did it? Was it an accident or an emotional test?

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