Now police dogs can identify the evil twin

Now police dogs can identify the evil twin
Closeup of "Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967" 
by photographer Diane Arbus

Identical twins can be deceptive because they are identical, but not to police dogs:

In a new study, researchers instructed a group of children, including two sets of identical twins and two sets of fraternal twins, to swab the insides of their cheeks and place the swabs in glass jars. Working with ten police German shepherds and their handlers from the Czech Republic police, the researchers then ran a mock crime scene investigation. The handler presented one twin’s scent to the dog and then told it to go find the matching scent in a lineup of seven jars, which included the other twin’s scent. In twelve trials per dog, none of them ever identified the wrong twin as a match, the researchers report online this week in PLoS ONE, even though the children lived in the same home, ate the same food, and had identical DNA.

ScienceShot: Police Dogs Can Distinguish Identical Twins, Science AAAS>>

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