A nightime ruse to deceive the enemy

A nightime ruse to deceive the enemy
"…and then the cannon fired upon them,
and made a terrible slaughter among them."

From the 1855 book The Battles of the Crimea:


 …The Russians came on us several times in the middle of the night, and we all had to turn out. But the French laid a plot for them, and they have never disturbed us since in the night. The French made it up with some of our riflemen and Highland regiments; and they moved from their camps about a mile nearer the Russians, and kindled a great many fires. So the Russians thought to have a fine grab when they saw the fires. They came up as usual. The French retreated a certain distance from the fires. Upon which the Russians came up, and saw nobody there. They then came on further from the fires; the French could see them quite plainly between them and the fires. The French now went to work, and fired into them, and shot a great many as they retreated. The Rifles, and Highland regiments then came up behind them, and gave them a great beating, and then the cannon fired upon them, and made a terrible slaughter among them.

Thus far we have faithfully detailed the Battles of the Crimea, with all their terrible and singular incidents. But the end is not yet. We may be called upon to add another chapter to the great War Drama now being enacted in that region.

– The Battles of the Crimea; Including an Historical Summary of the Russian War, from the Commencement to the Present Time, written by an unknown author in 1855, on Google Books>>
– Cannon fire photo found at "My year of living Rangerously," Mannie Gebtle’s online journal>>

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