Mosquito killing teaches us about deception

Mosquito killing teaches us about deceptionA homemade mosquito trap
When we exhale, mosquitoes use the carbon dioxide in our breath to find us and bite us. That’s why mosquito traps create carbon dioxide gas to attract the insects. Certain chemicals deceive mosquitoes by disrupting or confusing their ability to sense carbon dioxide. Scientists have found three chemicals to mess with the mosquitoes by:

  1. Mimicking carbon dioxide, which attracts the bug elsewhere.
  2. Disrupting the ability of the mosquito to detect the gas.
  3. Tricking the mosquito into thinking everything around it is carbon dioxide.

These techniques are also common in many worlds of deception:

  1. Mimicking one thing to distract us from another.
  2. Disrupting our abilities to find what we want.
  3. Tricking us by sensory overload so we can’t distinguish what’s real from what’s fake.

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