A juggling rings illusion by Ouka

A juggling rings illusion by OukaA photo doesn’t do it justice – the rings have to be moving for the illusion to work. 

Ouka – Ringarts

Ouka, a 26-year old Japanese performer, says: "This is not magic. There is no trick." I would disagree. As my son said when he watched this: "That is so frickin’ weird."

When you watch this, you can switch in and out of "knowingness" (is that a word?) – you know what’s going on with the rings, and then the illusion part kicks in, so it looks like something else is happening. You can observe two things at once – you sense one thing while knowing another.

Thanks to contributor Scott Dezrah Blinn, doing magic, juggling, escaping and sideshow entertaining as Dezrah the Strange>>

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One thought on “A juggling rings illusion by Ouka

  1. Haha, funny ‘coz I was chatting with my mate asking where to find some good o’le hand-made silver rings and he gave me a link to this page and those are just literal! I’d agree though that there is no magic or tricks in there, just one fine Japanese who got bored one day. You know them Japs when they get bored, they create something extraordinarily amazing! 🙂

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