How to steal valuables on an airport bus

How to steal valuables on an airport busIt helps if you are a contortionist

An airport bus company in Barcelona Spain could not figure out how valuables were being stolen from their buses, until an alert passenager noticed a man speaking to a piece of luggage.

The man’s bag was deceptively heavy, and warm.

The theft worked by having one man zip the other inside a bag and load him into the baggage compartment, where he used a headlamp and a sharp tool to rifle through the other passenger’s luggage during the 90-minute ride.

He communicated with his partner on the bus with a cell phone. When the bus stopped, his partner wrestled the heavy bag full of his partner and the stolen valuables off the bus.

Krzysztof Grzegorz M, 29, and Jouoastaw K, 31, were charged with theft.

– Contortionist Thief Hid In Suitcase to Raid Baggage On Board Spanish Airport Bus
– I bend over backwards to hide in my luggage and steal your belongings under the bus and this is the thanks I get, Fark>>
– Contortionist thief hid in luggage checked on airport shuttle bus, Boing Boing>>

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  1. This is a brilliant strategy but this is not right. These men should get a life and stop doing such things. Airport buses should have maximum security especially when they have already experienced this so as to avoid it from happening again

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