How to steal money with a bowl of water

How to steal money with a bowl of waterYou must also use belief, and your victim’s finger.
One morning, a 73-year old Chinese woman in San Francisco was taking a walk.

As she was walking, she was joined by a couple, and began talking with the man and a woman.

As they passed another man in a car, the man looked strangely at the old woman. The man said he was worried about her. Are you feeling fine? Did you need to rest?

The older woman said she was a little tired.

The man said he was a doctor. He was concerned. Was it was all right if he found out what was wrong with her?

The woman agreed.

The doctor took out a bowl and poured some water into it. He said he could use the clear water to diagnose her ills. He asked the couple to touch the water, one at a time, to see how healthy they were.

The younger woman placed a finger in the water, and nothing happened.

The man did the same, and nothing happened.

Then the older woman placed her finger in the water.

The water turned a murky black.

I’m very sorry, said the doctor.

The older woman now felt slightly ill, but she didn’t say anything.

What’s wrong with her? said the couple.

I cannot tell her, he said.

The couple said he had to help her. Tell her what’s wrong, they begged.

The man explained that a disease had unbalanced her.

Was there anything that could be done?

No, said the man. I am sorry. It is too expensive to cure.

How much would it cost?

Grandmother, you have led a good life, said the doctor.

How much would it cost?

The medicine is very expensive. Please visit your grandchildren. I am sorry.

Do you even have this medicine?

I keep some for my wealthy patients. But only a little at a time. The ingredients, like life, are rare and valuable.

The elderly woman said she had enough money.

How much would it cost?

The doctor was reluctant, but he told her.

The elderly woman went home.

When she returned, she gave the doctor $30,000 for the medicine.

He only had the one bag of herbs. He explained how to prepare them. He had to make more, he said, and he would bring them to her.

The doctor, and the rest of his medicine, never arrived, and the old woman never saw any of the three people again.

– Suspects Use ‘Black Magic’ Scam To Swindle Over $30,000 From Elderly Woman, KTVU>>
– Scam artists with toxic teacups victimizing elderly Chinese in S.F., San Francisco Chronicle>>

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