How to destroy counterfeit products

How to destroy counterfeit products
You might need robust, 
high-torque shearing technology.

What do you do if you have fake goods and you need to destroy them so they don’t get to market? Or you have computer storage media and you want to render it completely unreadable? If you’ve got just one hard drive to destroy, you can take it out back and smash it with a sledgehammer. But if you have lots to get rid of, here’s your solution.

Shredding clothing, hard drives, shoes, 
media, toy guns, and soda and sauce cans

Shredding fake Nike products in the Philippines

Shredding a copy machine (just because)

SSI Shredding Systems>>

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3 thoughts on “How to destroy counterfeit products

  1. This looks like a super paper shredder! It can shred almost anything. I wonder how much does it cost though.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this different ways of destroying counterfeit products.

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