The hot and steamy computer error message

The hot and steamy computer error message
A young man invaded the privacy of his customers.

A technician for a computer repair company in California was arrested for secretly taking naked pictures of women. Trevor Harwell, age 20, loaded a spy program onto his customer’s laptops so he could snap nude pictures of them.

He stored the photos on a remote server and then downloaded them to his computer. Police found hundreds of thousands of pictures on his PC.

One customer became suspicious when an odd system error message popped up on his daughter’s computer. It said there was a problem with an internal sensor, and further advied:

"If unsure what to do, try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor."

Many of the victims then brought their laptop into the bathroom while they showered, which gave Mr. Harwell a better opportunity to take naked photos.


"Mr. Harwell pleaded guilty to six felony counts of computer access and
fraud, and was sentenced to one year in Anaheim County Jail and five
years of probation. Additionally, he is required to complete a Sex
Offender Treatment Program, according to the Orange County district
attorney’s office." 

Source: Former Biolan convicted of illegally spying on women through computers, Biola University Chimes>>

Man accused of planting spyware to photograph women, Reuters, Yahoo News>>

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13 thoughts on “The hot and steamy computer error message

  1. More propaganda…I’m sure it’s an isolated incident though since the polity/corporate environment keeps us all so busy trying to make ends meet and all.

    War against drugs (now the druglords can seize/steal the property of the buyers thereby doubling profits…it’s not little people bringing these tons of drugs past customs people, wake up), war against crime (now the polity can have an excuse to rescind your constitutional rights and implement huge numbers of police to aid in profiteering/racketeering), war against poverty (no excuse needed to sweep the homeless off the streets and into prisons, the U.S. is the leader in the world of incarcerating it’s own masses, out of sight out of mind everything gives the illusion that all is well in the streets), war against the middle east (just like Viet Nam we have corporations like haliburton/dick cheney and hearken energy/George Bush the second trading the lives of your kids and the foreigners for their profits), war against pornography (to ensure total control of the thoughts and speech of the masses on the net they paint a picture of an old man looking at kids or something…poor poor simple gullible us)….

    wars and rumors of wars. They say and we volunteer the last braincell to succumb in front of the television to be made more dumb.

    Media programming works just like programming a computer.
    You weren’t born to want a bud or coke, you didn’t drop out of the womb wanting to smoke a poisonous addictive cigarette (9 out of 10 doctors approved smoking is what my generation was indoctrinated to believe…in fact they even showed cartoons of fred flinstone and barney rubble smoking a winston and just who are they marketing our kids to today? You won’t know for a decade or so…hang in there kid.
    -kenny hendrick
    Need more proof? Search google on these topics: MK-ULTRA, JONESTOWN, THE IRAN-CONTRA CONNECTION, WACORUBYRIDGEKENTSTATEATTICAjonestown (the last one, if you should be inclined to muddle through the tons of propaganda, is the saddest of all to learn the truth of).

  2. To Anonymous (Kenny Hendrick, yes?):

    There are so many areas where others deceive us and feed us illusions. We all have to fight the fight to discover the truth, don’t we?

  3. Be ye Separate. If the road to hell is wide then that means everybody is doing similarly (like paying taxes; thereby financing murder and more)….ANY OTHER DIRECTION IS A SAFER BET (might not be pleasant while we are still breathing but it’s a small thing and a short life.

  4. Ask yourself:

    of this kid that violated by sneaking peeks at purportedly zillions of pictures (really now…they can simply imply that this kid was able to obtain the bandwidth to do all that! Our cookie folders link to zillions of pictures whether we like it or not…that’s all of us!).

    So he’s guilty of spying or whatever. We won’t even bother to consider the fact that the rulers that are taking this kid’s life are guilty of spying and so much more! Let’s not go there…it taxes our taught tenets.

    The question is, who has done the worst crime? The kid for going through a perverted phase or the polity for robbing the kid of the chance to resume a normal life (think people, how long do you think this kid would be interested in the work involved in looking at our boring lives? As for the picture the media PROGRAMMERS paint for our last untainted braincell….that bitch could have absolutely nothing to do with this kid or the crime).

    I’m not sticking up for the kid. I’m sticking up for all of our kids. Can’t deal with their stupid human traits and phases? It’s easy, stop making the bastards!

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