The HIV medication scam

The HIV medication scam"Oh damn, you mean I don’t have HIV…But I can still get the drugs, right?"
A doctor in Manhattan may have been running a nice scam.

Dr. Suresh Hemrajani is charged with having associates recruit people off the street and bring them to his office. Without examining them, he would say they have the AIDS virus, and prescribe them HIV medication.

The doctor would bill Medicaid for their treatment, including future office visits that never happened.

The patients would use a government health program to buy the drugs they didn’t need.

Then the patients would sell the drugs back to the doctor’s associates, who sold the drugs illegally.

This fraud wins the trifecta for deception. It ensnared:

  • 150 fake patients. Thirty have been caught and charged with crimes.
  • A New York program that subsidizes the cost of the HIV medication.
  • Medicaid, which paid out $700,000 for the fake care.

The scam was revealed when many of his fake patients tried to get more prescriptions from a hospital, and were discovered to be HIV negative.

– HIV drug scam: NYC doctor busted for doling out meds patients didn’t need, prosecutors say, New York Daily News>>
– DA: NY doctor prescribed unneeded HIV meds in scam , The Wall Street Journal>>

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