8 steps to get free phone calls in jail

8 steps to get free phone calls in jail
How to charge others for your collect phone calls.

If you’re a prisoner, here’s how to work the ruse:

  1. Call a random phone number.
  2. Lie (and lie with authority.) Tell the person answering the phone that you work for a hospital, or the police. Say that a relative has been hurt in an accident, or has been arrested.
  3. Tell them that if they want more information, they must dial another number.
  4. Give them the other number. This is your friend’s phone number, with *72 added to the beginning. For example, tell them to call: *72-303-555-1234. (*72 and then 303-555-1234.)
  5. Hang up.
  6. Hopefully you were persuasive enough. If the victim obeys you and dials your friend’s number but begins it with *72, they’ll activate the call forwarding feature on their phone. Now any calls to their phone will go to your friend’s phone number.
  7. Make a collect call to the victim’s number. Your call will be forwarded to your friend’s number, but the bill will go to the victim.
  8. Talk as long as you want. You’re not paying for it!

The scam was discovered when the Sheriff’s Department kept getting complaints that the jail phone number was appearing on their phone bills.

– Authorities warn consumers about telephone scam run from L.A. County jails, Los Angeles Times>>
– Telephone Scam being used by Inmates and others, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department>>

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2 thoughts on “8 steps to get free phone calls in jail

  1. I want to know like a code or something on how get free collect calls from fayette county jail

  2. There’s no way to get free collect calls from jail using codes without doing something illegal, such as the scheme mentioned above. And it’s a very bad idea to do illegal things when you’re currently in jail. I suggest writing letters.

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