Why your dead wife should not open your mail

Why your dead wife should not open your mailThis was the perfect card to send.
Scott Wellington explained to his bosses that his wife was sick with cancer, so employees at his company, C&M Machine, donated $7,000 for her medical expenses.

After she died from her illness, the company sent him a sympathy card.

Except that Mr. Wellington’s wife – who was not dead – opened the card. She called the company and told them she was very much alive, and her husband had obviously pretended she was ill and faked her death.

Mr. Wellington was charged with theft by deception.

His wife apologized and offered to return the money, but company president Dan Villemaire said she could keep it for everything she’s had to go through.

No word yet on whether Mr. Wellington, who had worked for the company for two years, is still employed.

Or will remain married.

– Sympathy Card Foils Faked Death Plan. Police: Man Lied About Wife’s Illness For Money, WMUR9>>
– Sympathy card design from Zazzle>>

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