What is true reverse perspective?

What is true reverse perspective?A world where the expected rules of perspective act unexpectedly, yet still follow rules
It makes sense for humans to see things getting larger as they get closer, but what if that weren’t true? Could we have evolved a different way of seeing, where objects looked smaller to us as they got farther away? Jeremy Mooney-Somers, the creator of the video below, explains the rules:

"In Reverse Perspective the expected visual rules are inverted, so close objects are small and far objects are big. This is not only true for whole objects, but their structure as well. So the near points of an object are closer together, relative to its far points, which gives the flared-out look of the buildings, and the scene as a whole.

Essentially, the positions of the vanishing-point and the focal-point are swapped. So now we are at the vanishing-point, where geometry shrinks to nothingness, and the focal-point lies some distance ahead, beyond which objects scale to in?nity."

True Reverse Perspective

True Reverse Perspective from JMS on Vimeo.

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