Were guys attracted by an online spy in a bikini?

Were guys attracted by an online spy in a bikini?Was she a spy, or were men merely
goggled-eyed by her fake sexy images?
A photo of the real Shawna Gorman (if it’s really her)
It’s not much of a story when someone misrepresents herself on the internet. But it is a story if it involves the intelligence community:

It started out with a leggy, bikini-clad avatar. She said she was a missile expert the "1st Lady of Missiles," in fact but sometimes suggested she worked with the CIA. With multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, she earned a following of social media-crazed security wonks. Then came the accusations of using sex appeal for espionage.

Now everyone involved in this weird network is adjusting their story in one way or another, demonstrating that even people in the national security world have trouble remembering one of the basic rules of the internet: Not everyone is who they say they are.

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