Was this guy struck by lightning (twice)?

Was this guy struck by lightning (twice)?Could this video – which conveniently captures a man being hit twice by lightning – be a fake?
Watch the video, then read below.

Man struck by lightning and walks away

Experts say this video’s likely a hoax. Why? Three reasons:

  1. Most people who get struck by lightning get hit by side strikes, not a direct hit, which can carry a gigajoule of energy. (A gigajoule = energy released by a million burning wooden matches.) The man in the video looks like he was struck by a direct strike, which would have killed him.
  2. The video of the lightning strike does not act like lightning captured on a video. Real lightning is so bright it would saturate the video and turn multiple frames completely white.
  3. The lightning would have struck the trees or vehicles before it hit the man.

But still, we have the video…

Lightning Strike Survivor Video: Real or Fake? Life’s Little Mysteries>>

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