Stupid prank leads to stupid counterattack

Stupid prank leads to stupid counterattack"Let’s take up two parking spaces!"

This is why you want to think a bit more before you pull a prank.

The senior class at Mattawan High School in Michigan was going on an early morning field trip, so before their trip they parked their cars in the school parking lot to take up more than one space to block underclassmen from being able to park.

Some of the students who weren’t able to park responded by vandalizing the cars.

Cars were scratched with keys or smeared with honey, syrup, or Vaseline topped with talcum powder or flour. Feminine hygiene maxi-pads were glued to one car.

Of course, some kids were identified via comments posted on Facebook, parents have filed criminal complaints, and police are investigating 18 students.

A few thoughts. If you’re going to prank others, take some time beyond telling everyone: "Hey, I’ve got an idea – let’s park incorrectly!" That kind of prank will only get you into the lame prank hall of fame.

Don’t pull a prank with your own property, and then leave your property sitting vulnerable. ("Hey, I’ve got an idea for a prank! We can all leave the doors of our lockers open, which will inconvenience the people in the lockers next to us!")

For the counter-pranksters: if the first prank is lame, don’t make the second prank criminal.

And remember, kids, if you pull a prank, don’t brag about it and leave an online confession. It only makes the police lazy.

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