Slow down or you’ll kill that flat kid

Slow down or you'll kill that flat kidUsing the deception of an optical illusion 
for a public safety campaign
Organizations promoting safe driving in Canada created a campaign to slow down drivers at intersections where there are more likely to be children. They placed a decal on the road that looks like a little girl chasing a ball, with nearby signs that said: "You’re probably not expecting kids to run out on the road."

The girl is an anamorphic optical illusion, which means that when the flat image is viewed at a certain angle by approaching cars, it looks real.

Some criticized the effect as dangerous. They said that if drivers realize it’s only an illusion, they’ll start to ignore it, and then might not be as careful if a real girl ran into the street.

I think the campaign probably got a great deal of media attention because it was an optical illusion, and it may have been less important for it to work at the actual street where the illusion was placed.

The campaign was created by Preventable, BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation, and the District of West Vancouver, Canada.

You’re Probably Not Expecting a Child in the Road

Shifting Attitudes with Illusions, Preventable>>

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