Mad Magazine as a critical thinking tool

Mad Magazine as a critical thinking toolMad, one of the pioneers of accessible critical sarcasm, has been around since 1952.
I agree with writer Robert Lloyd’s sentiments about Mad Magazine:

The magazine instilled in me a habit of mind, a way of thinking about a world rife with false fronts, small print, deceptive ads, booby traps, treacherous language, double standards, half truths, subliminal pitches and product placements; it warned me that I was often merely the target of people who claimed to be my friend; it prompted me to mistrust authority, to read between the lines, to take nothing at face value, to see patterns in the often shoddy construction of movies and TV shows; and it got me to think critically in a way that few actual humans charged with my care ever bothered to.

Born under a Mad sign – The humor mag has led generations to think for themselves and scorn idiots. What, we worry? LA Times>>
Nice history at Wikipedia:  Mad (magazine>>

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