“It sounded kind of cool at the time…”

"It sounded kind of cool at the time...""If I sell $5 bills for $2, I can make…"

Four students at Jensen Beach High School in Florida are in big trouble. A 15-year-old told his parents he needed some yellowish resume paper for a school project. It turns out his project was making counterfeit bills, which the teens then tried to spend at the school cafeteria.

When questioned by police, the counterfeiter tried to save himself, somehow. He said no, I got that fake money from a drug dealer in that other town… no, I meant from that sixth-grader during a drug deal… no, wait…

He eventually confessed.

He said he made the counterfeit money because it "sounded kind of cool at the time."

Detectives: Teens Used Counterfeit Money To Pay For School Lunches, 4 Jensen Beach High School Students Accused Of Using Fake Bills At Cafeteria, WPBF>> 

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