If at first your con succeeds, try try again

If at first your con succeeds, try try againIf a scam is successful, con artists may try to steal your money again.
An 86-year-old woman leaving a grocery store was approached by two women who said they’d found $100,000 in the parking lot. They wanted to hire an attorney to see if keeping the money was legal, but they didn’t want to get in trouble and use the money they found. They offered to give the woman some of the cash if she lent them the money. The elderly woman gave them $8,000. She never saw the women again.

About a month later, a private investigator called. He said he was looking into the previous scam that stole her money, which is called the "pigeon drop." He showed up at her home and said she was suspected of holding cash linked to the drug trade and he needed to examine her money. The woman left the man in her home, went to the bank, withdrew all the cash in her account and gave it to the man. She never saw him again.

– 86-year-old woman targeted twice by scammers. Case is the latest in which con artists pose as police or fraud investigators to snare seniors, officials say, Chicago Tribune>>
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