The high school janitors prank

The high school janitors prankSome fake janitor foolishness from the movies –
Christopher Walken and David Spade in "Joe Dirt"
This story makes me laugh more than it should.

John Reed and Connor Rohrback, seniors at St. Marys High School in St Marys, Pennsylvania, wanted to pull a senior prank. They decided to dress up as janitors and enter a different school – St. Marys Area High School. They disguised themselves with wigs and fake facial hair, and brought along their own cleaning supplies.

The two 18-year old teenagers said the goal of the prank was to see how long they could pretend to be janitors before they got caught.

Unfortunately for their goal, soon after they entered the school, they were caught. Then police were called, all the schools in the St Marys area were locked down, and both Mr. Reed and Mr. Rohrback were charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Officials said the handling of the incident was a success. From a news report:

"…in this day in age, students must realize that ‘pranks’ like this sometimes have big consequences."

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