Dude, that’s intentionally false advertising!

Dude, that's intentionally false advertising!The outdoor sign for beer, sex and lies
This was also found as a joke on the Reader’s Digest laugh site:

A bar in our neighborhood got lots of interesting traffic. Cars swerved into the parking lot, and the drivers would run inside only to reappear minutes later looking confused. One reason might have been the sign outside: "Free Beer, Topless Bartenders, and False Advertising."

Here’s a fool’s errand. Do an internet search and discover:

  1. Where this sign is located
  2. Who took the photo
  3. Whether it’s even a real sign

I’m a fool, and I couldn’t find it.

Actually, according to one wag (I’ve always wanted to use the word "wag") the sign is 100% true: "Free Beer" is the name of the band, the male bartenders aren’t wearing shirts, and "False" refers to Mr. False, who owns the advertising sign business.

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