A detective uncovers a rapist’s deception

A detective uncovers a rapist's deceptionPrivate investigator Ken Brennan (foreground) and retired Miami-Dade police detective Allen Foote

A story in Vanity Fair magazine details the work required to solve The Case of the Vanishing Blonde:

"After a woman living in a hotel in Florida was raped, viciously beaten, and left for dead near the Everglades in 2005, the police investigation quickly went cold. But when the victim sued the Airport Regency, the hotel’s private detective, Ken Brennan, became obsessed with the case: how had the 21-year-old blonde disappeared from her room, unseen by security cameras?

…The job in this case was straightforward. Find out who raped and beat this young woman and dumped her in the weeds. Had the attack even happened at the hotel, or had she slipped out and met her assailant or assailants someplace else? Was she just a simple victim, or was she being used by some kind of Eastern European syndicate? Was she a prostitute? Was she somehow implicated? There were many questions and few answers."

The Case of the Vanishing Blonde, Vanity Fair>>

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