The ATM repairman who needed a little break

The ATM repairman who needed a little breakHow Samuel Kioskli found the funds 
to take a little vacation

Mr. Kioskli, age 64, had obviously had enough. An employee of Diebold, he maintained ATMs for the Bank of America.

He had access to lots of cash in those ATM machines, but could he just take it without anyone noticing?

He decided to counterfeit a stash of fake $20 bills. He used his key card to access ATMs in seven locations, where he switched the real money with his fake bills.

Altogether, he stole $200,000.

The next day, his wife called police to report her husband had disappeared, and the bank soon heard from customers wondering why their ATMs were spitting out counterfeits.

Ten months later, Mr. Kioskli, who was from San Francisco, was discovered during a routine traffic stop in Phoenix, Arizona.

He’s pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary, embezzlement, forgery and possession of counterfeiting apparatus.

ATM repairman accused of loading fake money, San Francisco Chronicle>>

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