14 tips to find your next investment scam victim

14 tips to find your next investment scam victimA gold Rolex helps (Read tip #9)
What professional scammers tell up-and-coming con artists who want to clean up in the investment fraud business:

  1. Look for older men, from ages 55-65. They’re set in their ways, and they’ve got enough money to steal to make it worth your time.
  2. Make sure your victim thinks he’s smarter than he really is. Find a guy who always thinks he knows what he’s doing, and never wants to look stupid by asking too many questions.
  3. Your victim should have a history of making risky investments. Once a dreamer, always a dreamer.
  4. He should be emotional, and not think very carefully about what he’s doing. Of course he doesn’t think he’s emotional. Find one that acts like a tough guy but reacts like a teen girl.
  5. Better if he’s one of those "do-it-yourself" kind of guys who does his own online stock trading.
  6. Find the guy who never does enough due diligence. He might read the materials you give him (and of course he’ll barely skim those), but he’ll never go online and actually research anything. He’ll just read whatever agrees with his own view.
  7. The best strategy is to scam your guy, and then use him to scam others, because these types of guys believe "A man’s word is his word." Try to find a guy who’s well-connected and in some sort of club or a big church, because when you’re introduced to others, you’ll be his "friend" and not some random stranger. Then reel in your suckers.
  8. Dangle pretty baubles in front of his eyes. Tell him he’ll get a huge rate of return – a guaranteed return – with high rewards and no risk.
  9. Look the part by dressing well. Wear an expensive suit and accessorize with a Rolex watch. (Note: gold is better than other metals.) The watch can be fake, and so can any certificates or diplomas on your office wall. He’ll be impressed, and he won’t check.
  10. At first, throw your money around. Buy him dinner and drinks at a fancy place. It’s a small investment on your part, but it will pay big later on when your guy reciprocates. Hey, you did something for him, and he’ll definitely feel the need to do something for you.
  11. Don’t forget to mention your deal is a limited time offer, or there aren’t too many spots available. You want your victim to act now and be afraid his buddies will get in and he won’t. Translate all of his suspicions into fear.
  12. If your victim asks too many questions, just move on to the next guy. Don’t waste your time with a guy who might actually verify what you’re saying. 
  13. Ignore the skeptics and critics. Even if somebody does question you, and they’ve got good sources of information on you, and hell, they’re even right, just blow then off and don’t bother to fight them. Maintain your focus on the ones who believe, rip them off, and keep smiling.
  14. And remember, even if your most gullible victim finds this list, he’ll say: "Thank God I’m not that guy!"

Thanks to MarketWatch: Why men are easy prey for investment scams. Know if you’re vulnerable to fraud and protect yourself>>

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