When being optimistic was unpatriotic

When being optimistic was unpatriotic This man is an "Optimistic Oliver" – 

and he’s aiding the enemy
Being too optimistic was criticized as being both deceptive and dangerous during World War 2. This war ad ran in the August 9, 1943 issue of LIFE Magazine. It cautioned United States citizens not to think "it-won’t-be-long-now" about the war. It warned that the war was likely to be long, and that the government needed ordinary citizens to sacrifice and help pay for it by buying War Bonds. The advertisement was right – it would be another 3 years and 5 months until the war was officially declared over. (By the end of the war, U. S. citizens would buy over $180 billion worth of War Bonds.)

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One leatherneck can lick 20 Japs!
The war will be over soon now!
They’re losing 16 planes to our one!
It’s just a matter of time!
The Japs will quit when we lick Hitler!
It’s in the bag now!
Axis morale is terrible!
The submarine menace is under control!

WARNING: Be on the lookout for Optimistic Olivers. These men are dangerous citizens!

THEY’RE American citizens, it’s true… but they’re worth a million dollars apiece to our enemies. This "it-won’t-be-long-now" talk spreads like wildfire. Rosie-the-Riveter and her coworkers take an afternoon off for a permanent… Mrs. Jones isn’t so careful about saving her tin cans… Joe Zilch guesses he doesn’t have to put so much of his pay check into War Bonds. That’s what a few Optimistic Olivers can do to our "all out" war effort. It’s up to you to button their lips.

There’s no short cut to victory… it’s a long road – an expensive trip! Let’s not kid ourselves… nobody’s going to win this war for us. We can drag it out, or we can wind it up with a terrific wallop. The sooner those War Bond dollars pile up in Uncle Sam’s pockets, the sooner we can give those guys that double shellacking.

What’s your score? Would you care to match it with that of a Marine just back from Guadalcanal? 10% is only the beginning. When you’ve figured just how much you can afford to invest, double it. You can do it. Remember… those dollars are just loaned. When this war is over, you’ll be holding a very substantial investment… shares in the finest country in the world.


  1. War Bonds cost $18 75 for which you receive $25 in 10 years or $4 for every $3.
  2. War Bonds are the world’s safest investment – guaranteed by the United States Government.
  3. War Bonds can be made out in 1 name or in 2, as co-owners.
  4. War Bonds cannot go down in value. If they are lost, the Government will issue new ones.
  5. War Bonds can be redeemed, in case of necessity, after 60 days.
  6. War Bonds begin to build up interest after 12 months.

We’ve got to win! Buy bonds and keep on buying

This advertisement sponsored by Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. Makers of Vitamins and Medicines of Rare Quality – Roche Park – Nutley, N. J. Published in cooperation with the Drug, Cosmetic and Allied Industries

LIFE Magazine, Aug 9, 1943, Google Books>>

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