Quick! Take this pill right now!

Quick! Take this pill right now!Sensational! A genuine doctor’s stethoscope
Doctors wearing white coats and stethoscopes knocked on houses in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey. The doctors told residents they were screening for high blood pressure and that here are some pills that should be swallowed. Almost 90% of the residents complied.

The doctors were actually policemen, and the pills were fake. The police were trying to warn residents not to fall for the scam, which had been used by gangs to give out sedatives that knocked out the residents, who then had their houses robbed.

Many studies have shown that doctors are the most trusted professionals, so the gangs were correct in using a doctor to deceive people and get them to obey.

– Police dress up as doctors to test citizens, Reuters>>
– Thanks to Polite Dissent for the Stethoscope ad>>

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