Prank exposes big company and big media

Prank exposes big company and big mediaThe Yes Men are political pranksters
The Yes Men pranked the company General Electric on behalf of the group US Uncut, which targets "corporate tax cheats and unnecessary and unfair public service cuts." They also fooled the news media:

Using a bogus website masquerading as corporate giant General Electric, the Yes Men falsely reported that G.E. would donate its 3.2 billion dollar tax "refund" in order to aid the faltering U.S. job market. The Associated Press, one of the largest news outlets in America, picked it up and ran it as a story, with other news outlets following. And then the fake news became real news when the Yes Men were called out on their hoax by G.E. How often is the media fooled and what affect does it have on the vital credibility of news agencies?

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