NutriGrain commercial – real or fake?

NutriGrain commercial - real or fake?This "Kullogg’s Nutti-Brain" Wacky 
Packages sticker is obviously a fake.
I don’t know if the commercial below, for Kellogg’s NutriGrain bars, is "real" or not. Was it made to be a viral video? Was it supposed to showcase someone’s commercial-making skills? Was it part of a bizarre ad campaign that was never approved to run on TV? Was it a sketch from a TV comedy show? So many offbeat ads are produced. What is this one? Real or fake? I do know that after I watch it, "I feel great!" You’ll see what I mean.

NutriGrain "I feel great" commercial

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5 thoughts on “NutriGrain commercial – real or fake?

  1. This was on TV all the time several years ago, of course it’s real.

  2. Ha! Just saw this. My name is Justin Reardon. I wrote and directed this commercial as a spec commercial for my reel. It has had about 50 million hits world wide since and was responsible for getting me the attention I needed to launch my directing career. I’ve continued to make a career at doing this type of bizarre work and am now doing feature films. While a lot of people thought I was nuts at the time I shot this, it was the wisest decision I ever made.

  3. Congrats for your nutty decision! I love how your commercial is so bizarre, yet just sane enough to make viewers think it might possibly be official.

    Did you specifically ask your main "Great!" actor to channel Nicolas Cage?

  4. We want to know who the actress was in that ad, she’s hilarious.

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