She’s both naked and wearing clothes

She's both naked and wearing clothesPortrait Study (Nina), 2009(Click to enlarge) 

Photographer Lucas Blalock creates the illusion that Nina is both clothed and naked, and forces you to look more closely at what exactly is going on.

A statement by the artist:

"My work is engaged in the ways that falseness/mechanics in pictures can bring the viewer into a more intimate relation to the world. I pursue this through a variety of overlapping strategies that in some way alienate the ‘natural’ view in the hope that the viewer will, by engaging this alienation, come into more active terms with the picture."

She's both naked and wearing clotheserinobscuredbyrainbows, 2008
(Click to enlarge) 
In the photo above, the image of Erin is partially concealed by a very dull rainbow.

See more of Lucas Blalock’s work at Culturehall>>

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