The Man Lock Protects Your Manhole

The Man Lock Protects Your Manhole"The Man Lock by McGuard Protects Your Manhole Against Unwanted Access"

You’ll find this advertisement for a McGard security product in many online collections of inappropriate or inadvertently pornographic images. It’s funny of course because it’s outrageous. How could anyone ever approve an ad with such an obvious double meaning? Were those guys idiots? The ad was even shown on an episode of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show lampooning funny headlines. What were those marketing guys thinking? How could they let their ad for a very unglamorous product like a manhole security device be made fun of and get so many people to look at it?

A clue might be in their ad for chrome plated lug nuts:

The Man Lock Protects Your Manhole"Life’s tough, you need nuts to match."
While the above ad is not as funny, is it possible they have a crafty strategy? Is it possible they planned for their manhole ad to go viral and be made fun of so they could get nationwide exposure?

I think the joke may not be on them.

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