A little multi-million dollar diamond theft

A little multi-million dollar diamond theftThis diamond heist was just sophisticated enough.
You know how in movies there’s a big jewel that the thieves want to steal, so they spend weeks on a sophisticated plan with all types of high-tech gadgets and disguises and complicated deceptions?

And then there’s reality.

A gang of five went to Baselworld, a huge trade show for jewelry and watches in Zurich Switzerland. The show has over 1,900 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors.

Two of the gang engaged one man at a stand selling diamonds. Then the men left.

Ten minutes later, the man, a private Israeli diamond trader, screamed.

The two men were a distraction.

Three other men had broken into one of his displays and stolen four diamonds, worth $10 million.

The exhibit hall was shut down, but the men had escaped.

Their photos have been submitted to Interpol, the international police agency.
Thieves On the Run After Stealing Four Diamonds from Swiss Jewelry Fair, Time News Feed>

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