The “lick my iPad” prank

The "lick my iPad" prankAromaRama was introduced in 1959.
Raoul Martinez, an anchorman at San Diego’s Fox 5 news, pulled a prank on his co-anchor, Shally Zomorodi. Of course it was on April Fool’s Day. Mr. Martinez falsely reported on a new technology that allowed smells and tastes to be transmitted via an iPad, and tried to coerce Ms. Zomorodi to smell and lick the device. You know what’s going to happen.

In a different type of television prank, but still involving smells, in 1965 BBC TV interviewed a professor who had developed a technology called smellovision which supposedly could send smells through television sets. He demonstrated with coffee beans and onions. (Viewers called in and said it worked.)

Of course, smells and technology have actually been combined before. Computer science professor Bob Stone from Birmingham University created a scent delivery system to add to video gaming systems. He developed it as part of serious military games for the Ministry of Defence. You can even buy it, from Biopac Systems, here>>

The prank with the tasty iPad

– The BBC’s April Fool’s Day Hoaxes, Museum of Hoaxes>>
– Computer scientists add smell to games – Using scent delivery systems like Biopac could help train military as players can experience odours of the battlefield, The Sunday Times, UK>>

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