Gruesome hoax video

Gruesome hoax videoAtrocities can blind us to misinformation.
The violence may be real, but who did it, where they did it, when they did, and why they did it is not.

A group recently received a video of an atrocity from the Ivory Coast.

The news channel France 24 has a collaborative web site and TV program called The Observers, which uses non-journalists to gather news. In April 2011 they received a video from several sources that showed a mob in the Ivory Coast beating people and burning them alive. The video was similar to other, genuine videos.

The video was presented by one side in the Ivory Coast conflict to show that atrocities were being carried out by the other side.

However, although the video showed an event that may have been true, it was actually posted two years ago and was labeled as being a video of "Five people suspected of witchcraft burnt alive in Kenya."

Although it’s not possible that the event occurred recently, there’s also no confirming evidence that it was an incident involving witches, or that it even occured in Kenya.

The group also received another video of charred bodies, again said to be taken recently. They discovered it was actually taken in 2010 in the Congo after a tanker explosion.

Beware of internet misinformation: hoax footage of atrocities in Ivory Coast, France 24>>

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